What is it about?

From the white paper: “The majority of MMORPGS feature some type of infrastructure that is fundamental to the economy of the game or at least to the ease of play. Because of the fragmented approach to online game development, there is no infrastructure that bridges virtual worlds and games. To move from one game to another you must exit the game into reality and the log into a new game. To create an interoperable virtual goods economy that will fully utilize the breakthrough technology of the Ethereum blockchain which provides infrastructure to support a new digital universe we must adopt gamified infrastructure that will provide the foundation for interconnected game worlds. A gamified layer on the Ethereum blockchain that will utilize universal tokens.”

Who is behind it?


How we see it (chain.ventures POV)


Publisher: Neverdie Studios

Date: 2017-07

Website: https://neverdie.io/

URL of white paper: https://neverdie.io/wp/NDC-TPT-ICO-Whitepaper-v-1-eng.pdf